Multimedia XML

Shiny Things In Angle Brackets

Robin Berjon



This Year's "It" Spec, By Paris Hilton

(X)HTML5 — Various Improvements

The Bits We Don't Care About Right Now

(X)HTML5 — Multimedia Parts

What's Sexy Today

Device APIs

Web to Real World, Please Come In


Cool, Sassy, & Sexy

CSS Is Also For XML

It Might Be Wrong But It Feels So Right

A Pause for Wisdom

Sunday Mediation

Designing pages in CSS is like having sex in a bathtub. If you don't know anything about sex, it won't do you any good to know a lot about bathtubs.


Darling of the Web

SVG — Ready For Prime Time

More Wisdom For You Today

First they're ignored, then they're hyped, then they're written off for dead, then they start getting real work done.

--Brad Neuberg

SVG — Show Me Yours

Because It's Pretty

SVG Shim

Force-Upgrading People

shim: thin strip of material used to align parts, make them fit. Therefore, a piece of script to make things work properly.

The Rumour

You Heard It Here First

X3D & WebGL

From WWW to XZY

Don't Ask What Browsers Can Do For You

You Can Fool One Implementer One Time

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