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Balisage - The Markup Conference

Das markupforum ist eine Plattform für technisch Interessierte und Entscheider, die sich über neue und etablierte XML-Technologien informieren möchten. In diesem Jahr präsentieren Ihnen unsere Referenten Technologien und Möglichkeiten rund ums Publishing mit XML und sind gerne bereit diese Ansätze mit Ihnen zu diskutieren.


Mary's - Travel & Tourist Services

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Conference Venue and Hotels


XMLPrague 2012 will take place in University of Economics (UoE) campus at nam. W. Churchilla 4, Prague, The Czech Republic. The lecture hall is the main lecture hall of the University named "Vencovskeho aula". The best way to enter the campus is via the main entrance facing nam. W. Chirchilla (W. Churchill square, easily recognizable by a statue of the statesman).

University of Economics old building facing W. Churchill square: the red arrow points to the passage leading to the conference building.

The entrance to the campus yard leading to the conference building.

The entrance to the conference building

Google streetview picture of the main entrance.

How to get to the venue

The conference venue can be conveniently reached by the public transport.

The closest metro stations are Hlavni Nadrazi (red line, C), and Namesti Republiky (yellow line, B). You can walk from those stations - it is about 15 minutes walk - or you can use tram #5, #9 and #26 and exit at Husinecka stop (it is the first stop from Hlavni nadrazi or the second stop from Namesti Republiky). There is also a bus stop (#135, "Namesti Winstona Churchilla" stop) at the square.

Public transport journey can be planned using this web application.

Public traffic schemes can be downloaded here.


If looking for other lodging options check out special discounts and rates for participants on conferences in Prague by Mary´s Travel & Tourist services. See also their Prague Guide.

Arriving from the airport

The 119 bus runs from the airport to metro. Tickets are obtained by the yellow kiosks by the bus stops though you will need czech crown coins. The ticket you want costs 32 czk (good for 90 min ride with unlimited transfers). This is the cheapest method of getting into Prague.

To get to the city you can also use taxi or contracted transport.

Prices in Prague

As with any big city prices vary directly with the distance from the more popular tourist areas, like Prague old town and anywhere near Charles Bridge. Even though on average the Czech Republic is considered cheap, that doesnt mean you should pay high prices, which falsely inflate prices for those living here. Typically, (and not unusual in Czech) beer is a good indicator if you are getting a fair deal or not at a restuarant or pub, with prices being around 20-25 czk crowns a pint outside of Prague central, do not be surprised if you will be asked to pay double that nearer to tourist areas...though any higher and you know that price gouging is in affect.

Public transport in Prague

Public transport in Prague is generally very reliable and convenient way to commute or travel around. The network consists of buses, tramways and Metro (subway). Pasengers buy tickets in advance in yellow kiosks or at some news-stands or hotel receptions. Tickets should be stamped as soon as you board the bus or tram, or at the entrance to the metro. You will see yellow stamping machines in all modes of transport. The blank strip at the end of the ticket should be punched; the green light on the machine should come on if this has been done correctly. Check Prague public transport company portal for fares (generally 32 CZK /~ 1.25 EUR/ ticket is good for any one-way journey and allows unlimited transfers), and journey planner. Prague TV has a video guide to the Prague transport system (note, the prices they say are outdated).

Taxi in Prague

Taxi drivers do not have a good reputation in Prague, and, unfortunatelly, rightly so. We would suggest planning all transport in advance, including arming yourself with reputable taxi firms phone numbers if planning a night out... as it is almost certain you will charged the wrong rate if you intend to 'hail' a taxi. Here is a good site which lists reputable Taxi firms.