Accommodations / Hotels

There is no conference hotel for this event. You should be able to reserve your accommodation using services like this or this. If you need an assistance to find a convenient and affordable accommodation in Prague feel free to contact organizers.


Restaurants in the neighborhood (PDF, 850 kB)


XML Prague 2005 Conference Location, Vicinity Map

Places to Go

Nextdoor to the conference location: Lesser Town, Prague Castle, Old Town

Special Notes

Arriving from the airport:

The 119 bus runs from the airport to metro and costs 12 czk, tickets are obtained by the yellow kiosks by the bus stops though you will need czech crown coins. This is the cheapest method of getting into central prague. Be aware that many of the taxi (see below) companies who queue at the airport will charge ghastly rates, you will be lucky to find a taxi charging less then 600 czk crowns, even though the proper metered rate is somewhere around 500 czk crowns! Check out the myczechrepublic which has much good advice on all the ways of getting around cheaply and safely in Prague.

Prices in Prague:

As with any big city prices vary directly with the distance from the more popular tourist areas, like Prague old town and anywhere near Charles Bridge. Even though on average the Czech Republic is considered cheap, that doesnt mean you should pay high prices, which falsely inflate prices for those living here. Typically, (and not unusual in Czech) beer is a good indicator if you are getting a fair deal or not at a restuarant or pub, with prices being around 16 czk crowns a pint outside of Prague central, do not be surprised if you will be asked to pay double that nearer to tourist areas...though any higher and you know that price gouging is in affect.

Prices for public transport in Prague are excellent, with 12 czk giving you a ticket to travel bus, metro, and tram for 60 minutes; this will get you anywhere in Prague. No need to purchase a week or weekend pass, and in any event you will be doing a lot of walking around, so dont forget to pick up a few 8 czk tickets which gives you 15 minutes on buses and trams, or 4 stops on metro.

Taxis in Prague:

As the mayor of Prague recently found out, taxi's are pretty bad in Prague. We would suggest planning all transport in advance, including arming yourself with reputable taxi firms phone numbers if planning a night it is almost certain you will charged the wrong rate if you intend to 'hail' a taxi. Here is a good site which lists reputable Taxi firms.

Flights from England:

Both EasyJet and the Czech Republic's CSA flys regularly from most UK airports. The consistently cheapest is EasyJet going from Stansted, though we would reccommend going to both websites and do a price comparison. Easyjet ( / CSA (


Post Conference News:

The conference proceedings are available for download (814 kB).

All presentation slides are available from the program page.

There is a small photo-gallery available. A more extensive collection of pictures has been provided by Bogomil Shopov.

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