XTiger XML editing with AXEL demos

By Stéphane Sire

This space shows some samples of editing applications that can be created with XTiger XML document templates. The following links open the document template sometimes with an initial XML content, which is stored in an external XML file. You can edit it, then using the menu bar, you can eventually save the document you created to a file name of your invention (only if the demos are run from a WebDAV server). Alternatively, you can also "Dump" the document to see it's XML content.

Actually you can try the following templates:

In all the cases above, if the Save button is visible and functional (i.e. the demos are run through a WebDAV server), do not forget to do a page reload after you saved a document to be sure you get the latest version as we have some unresolved issues with the cache and WebDAV.

Each of these templates generates a different XML content model. You may read the XTiger XML Language specification if you want to learn how to create templates for your own XML content model. 

These templates should be best viewed and edited with Firefox, they should also work with the other browsers (Safari, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer). Please let me know if you encounter a problem viewing one of them.

XTiger XML is based on research done with the MEDIA research group at EPFL, and in collaboration with the project WAM at INRIA.

Last update: Mars 10, 2010