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Balisage - The Markup Conference
TMRA 2009: Fifth International Conference on Topic Maps Research and Applications - Linked Topic Maps
XML Summer School, St Edmund Hall, Oxford University, September 5 – 10, 2010.


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XML Prague 2010, March 13th & 14th

"Weep not: behold, the standards-compliant XML application, with support for C14n and EXI, for XML encryption and schema validation, and for interoperable stylesheet technologies like XSLT 17.2 and XSL FO 42.0, hath prevailed to open the XML document, and to decrypt the seven encryptions thereof, and to display it coherently, yea even for those who abhor the sight of angle brackets and prefer beautiful well-formatted text with tasteful images."

CMSMCQ: The View from Prague

"It feels as if all of #xmlprague has gathered in a circle around the camp fire as Sharon Adler recounts our history, starting with SGML."

Robin Berjon on Twitter

Proceedings for download.

Presentations can be downloaded in the sessions section (if available for the particular lesson).

Thanks everyone for coming and making the conference a unique event of the XML Universe.

tag #xmlprague: on Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, blogs.....

Conference Providers and Organizers:

Organizational Commitee