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Das markupforum ist eine Plattform für technisch Interessierte und Entscheider, die sich über neue und etablierte XML-Technologien informieren möchten. In diesem Jahr präsentieren Ihnen unsere Referenten Technologien und Möglichkeiten rund ums Publishing mit XML und sind gerne bereit diese Ansätze mit Ihnen zu diskutieren.

Balisage - The Markup Conference

TMRA: International Conference on Topic Maps Research and Applications - Linked Topic Maps


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XML Prague Night

The organizers believe that the social dimension of the conference is a natural extension of its scholary program. As every year, the XML Prague Saturday evening (this year its March 26th, starting at 7 pm) is the time of the Social Dinner and Sponsors Events.

Strahov Monastery

As in the previous year, The Strahov Monastic Brevery has been selected to host the Social Dinner and a couple of Sponsors Events.

Founded A.D. 1140 by Duke Vladislav II. of Bohemia, the Strahov Monastry became a traditional centre of knowledge with its priceless library, today of 200 thousand books, including about three thousand manuscripts.

The organizers hope that XML Prague participants will feel comfortably in the intimate vicinity of such a huge amount of, sometimes rather vaguely structured, data.

The Monastry also serves as The Museum of Czech Literature today.

And as elsewhere in Europe, monks are renown for mastering the beer brewing....

How to get there....

Social Dinner

XML Prague Night starts with the social dinner, that is open to XML Prague participants with the full-pass option, and for their accompanying persons with the supplementary social dinner pass.

Following are Sponsor Events open to every XMLPrague participant.

How to get there

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The Monastry is located in walking distance (albeit uphill) from the conference venue. It overlooks the city historic quarters and the Prague Castle. XML Prague Sherpas will guide adventurous participant to the Monastry by a 15-20 minut walk from the conference venue ahead the Social Dinner.

There is also public transport connection to the Monastry, by the tramway line No. 22 to the Pohorelec stop. Use Prague Public Transport planner IDOS to find a suitable connection, or ask organizers for connection suggestions.