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Balisage - The Markup Conference

Das markupforum ist eine Plattform für technisch Interessierte und Entscheider, die sich über neue und etablierte XML-Technologien informieren möchten. In diesem Jahr präsentieren Ihnen unsere Referenten Technologien und Möglichkeiten rund ums Publishing mit XML und sind gerne bereit diese Ansätze mit Ihnen zu diskutieren.


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Pre-conference Friday

Friday events are organized by their respective organizers. Attendance to these events is free for registered XML Prague attendees. However organizers of respective events need to estimate number of participants. Please follow links in the event page column for more information and register your seat if requested.


Event name Description Time Room Organizer Event page
eXist-db Prague 2012 eXist-db mini-conference is for the eXist-db community, and as such all eXist-db developers, implementors, users and tinkerers are welcome. Like previous years, the day will be split into two halves. Half of the day will be presentations about new features and capabilities of eXist-db and its future roadmap from the core developers. The other half of the day is given over to members of the community to present and discuss their projects that they have built with eXist-db. If you would like to give a talk on your eXist-db project, or a related subject, then please contact the organisers of the eXist-db mini-conference.
» more information
9:00–18:00 RB 213 Dannes Wessels Registration
Saxon CE Workshop Saxon Client Edition was introduced at XML Prague 2011 as a very early alpha release, and a beta release with greatly improved functionality, conformance, and robustness has been announced just in time for XML Prague 2012.
This session is your opportunity to learn about how to use XSLT 2.0 in the browser, and to share ideas with the developers. Saxon-CE isn't just about upgrading XSLT-in-the-browser to provide the long awaited language features from XSLT 2.0, it's also about moving the whole processing model forwards to embrace the changes that have taken place in the Web since 1999. It's not just about transforming static XML to static HTML any more, it's about exploiting XSLT's event-based processing model to provide a declarative environment for handling user interaction, animation, and communication with applications on the server.
9:00–13:00 RB 212 Michael Kay Express your interest
oXygen Users Meetup Come and meet the oXygen developers! They will show you our latest developments in both XML Authoring and XML Development. Meet other oXygen users and see what they are doing with oXygen and participate in our open panel on future directions!
» more information
14:00–18:00 RB 212 George Bina Register your seat
BaseX Meetup You are welcome to join the first BaseX meeting on the XML Prague conference! Our core team will be present to give you a deep insight into our software, its features and the future. The agenda look as follows:
  • a quick introduction for newcomers
  • web sites in the X stack
  • roadmap, new features
  • workshop: optimize your workflow with X technologies
  • discussion with other users and developers
9:00–11:30 RB 211 Christian Grün Express your interest
XQuery in the Cloud XQuery in the Cloud, Sky is the Limit, XQuery Application Development (open discussion)
» more information
12:30–15:00 RB 211 William Candillion Express your interest
XSL-FO Meetup The W3C XML Print and Page Layout Working Group is hosting a XSL-FO meetup. Come along and meet other XSL-FO users as well as some of the WG members and discuss all things XSL-FO.
The likely agenda includes:
  • Meet and greet
  • XSL-FO 2.0 features and status
  • War-stories and discussion
  • Summary and wrap-up
15:30–17:30 RB 211 Tony Graham Express your interest


The pre-conference day takes place in the same venue as the main conference. However it is situated in the different building. It is best to use campus entry from the Italská street. You can see entrance and explore area using Google Streetview.

Just use entrance from Italská street and continue straight inside building until you reach atrium. Then use stairs to go one floor up and then look around for room RB211, RB212 or RB213 (alternatively you can use elevators on the left side and go to the floor marked as 2 on the control panel).

Food and drinks

Unless event organizer arranged something special for you there will be no coffee or lunch provided as a part of the preconference day. But there are several facilities you can use to make your body happy:

Please be aware that above mentioned places do not accept credit cards, you will have to use Czech cash. Fortunatelly there is an ATM machine next to cafeteria (little bit hidden behind doors to Česká spořitelna bank).


Do you have question about Friday? Please contact us at